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Press Release

Koen Puimège has been appointed Managing Director of Antwerp Space N.V., effective January 1st 2018.

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Lander Radioscience

LaRa is the first scientific instrument made in Belgium to ever land on the surface of Mars.

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JUpiter ICy Moons Explorer

A thorough investigation of the Jovian system in all its complexity with emphasis on three of its largest moons: Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, including two of them’s potential habitability.

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Exobiology on Mars

A Space programme consisting of two missions providing scientists with information about the existence of life on Mars and increasing our knowledge about the Red Planet.

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ARGO is a highly innovative modem currently developed by Antwerp Space. MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) will integrate this modem into a space-borne new-generation communication terminal.

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Space Careers

Antwerp Space is a constantly growing company. Are you interested in a career in space? Check out our available job oppurtunities.

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About Antwerp Space

Antwerp Space is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite communications. It is part of OHB SE, a European Space and Technology group that currently employs over 2400 people.

Antwerp Space’s core business is in the delivery of satellite communication solutions and products for scientific, exploration and telecommunication missions, as well as their ground segment extension with products and systems. Antwerp Space operates both on the commercial and institutional markets, supporting space agency programmes, as well as industrial company projects worldwide. The company activities have been located in Antwerp since 1962, when it was founded as part of Bell Telephone.

We employ over 70 highly skilled engineers and PhDs from all over the world!