Test Systems

Our Test Systems activity is grown out of the 50 years of experience within Antwerp Space of building advanced high performance test systems.

Our heritage goes back to early days of manned space flight when we build the EGSE for Skylab.  Other major projects were handled by us, with success: ERA, MSR, Columbus, ATV, GSTBv2.

Advanced Test Systems has the knowledge to build custom made check-out systems; our services vary from consultancy to the complete integration of SCOE.  Within this scope we provide:

  • System specification specifying the requirements/specification for test systems
  • Requirement analysis and design: analyzing requirements and designing the test system
  • Test system integration and validation: construction of the test beds and the verification against their specification.

Advanced Test Systems draws the knowledge from multi-disciplined engineers available at Antwerp Space.  Combining multiple engineering fields results in cutting edge solutions which are cost effective and compliant to your needs.

Our rack controllers are based on the the iVTE2 framework developed at Antwerp Space.  iVTE2 is the evolution of our legacy controller software.  It hosts the knowledge on what test systems must comply, provides open interfaces and is easy to adapt and extend.
It integrates with easy with Master Test Processors or Central Check-out Systems, but can easily perform a multitude of tasks on its own; from script execution to the generation of test reports.

Antwerp Space targets the ground-satellite communications systems; Advanced Test Systems provides its engineering services mainly in this domain:

  • RF check-out systems,
  • TTC check-out systems,
  • Data acquistion systems

Our capabilities also encompass pass-through SCOEs for the acquisition and/or stimulation and signal conditioning of signals for flight equipment.

For any question, please contact us at Antwerp Space.  We have a solution for your testing needs.