Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers has a passion for space which results in high reliable solutions and satisfied customers. We employ highly skilled engineers and PhDs with different nationalities and everyone is tuned to work in the international environment of the space sector.


Integration of Telecommunications Subsystems

In order to be able to communicate with a satellite, it needs to have a Telecommunication Subsystem. Such a subsystem typically consists of a modulator or demodulator, frequency converter, amplifier, RF network,... Antwerp Space specializes in the design and assembly of such subsystems (see Exomars and JUICE missions)



Complex on-board modems

In order to get data from or to a satellite, the bits and bytes need to be converted into an RF or optical signal. This functionality is provided by the modulator or demodulator. Antwerp Space has several modems in its portfolio e.g. a high speed data modem that will transmit data to earth and other satellites (ARGO).



Custom-made, high performant RF Frequency Converters

The communication chain between the application and the RF path, contains after the modem, a frequency converter which transform the output of the modem into the right frequency to be transmitted (or vice versa). Due to the nature of the communication, these converters need to be highly stable with high performance. Antwerp Space is specialized in building customised satellite frequency converters.



Communication studies

In order to explore new technologies and applications, Antwerp Space performs a number of studies in the field of Satellite communication.


Management team


Marco Fuchs
Chairman Board of Directors

Koen Puimège
Managing Director

Gregory Claes
Finance & Contracts Director

Rudy Snoeks
Chief Operations Officer

Vincent Bath
Head of Business Development

Johan Vermeulen
Head of Quality