Flight Products

Antwerp Space is developing a series of products meant to fly on-board space missions, both commercial and institutional. Leveraging on our broad expertise in space communication and the most advanced techniques, we deliver state-of-the-art equipment that answer our customers' needs. Our capabilities cover different markets, from the stringent requirements of human spaceflight to small satellite constellations, through specialized scientific payloads.

ARGO Modem

The ARGO Modem is based on a highly innovative on-board processing platform, allowing each product within the family to be customized by the development of mission-specific signal processing firmware and RF front-ends.

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The state-of-the-art Ka-ISL is a unique high data rate transceiver specifically designed for small satellites. With a very low mass, low volume, and low power consumption, it is easily accommodated on any spacecraft that requires inter-satellite communication.

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LaRa (short for Lander Radioscience), a highly accurate scientific instrument to land on the Mars surface, studying the structure and processes in the deep interior of Mars and crucial for understanding the planets origin and evolution.

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