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With over half a decade of expertise, Antwerp Space offers a wide range of solutions for different types of customers, governmental as well as commercial. 

Additional to its own capacities Antwerp Space has, although a self-standing entity, on request the full support of the other members inside the OHB group, including specialists for all fields of satellite design, AIT and operations. 


As communication specialist, Antwerp Space is offering secure communication solutions and equipment, as well as Radio Frequency Interference detection, geo-location and countermeasure equipment to secure space based governmental communication or other RF based systems (e.g. instruments).

Additional to that precise PNT payloads and equipment are part of the offered technologies.

Public Agencies

Based in Belgium as ESA member state, Antwerp Space is supporting ESA in its science missions with communication equipment and subsystems, e.g. the complete communication subsystems for ExoMars and JUICE. Besides the science programs, Antwerp Space is active in the programs executed by ESA for the European Union in communication, earth observation and navigation domain, as Galileo or Sentinel.

Satellite Integrators

As expert in communication systems and their integration into satellite of the primes, Antwerp Space can offer complete communication subsystems in the different frequency bands (S-Band to Ka-Band) for LEO until Deep Space missions. Such activities does not only contains the subsystem itself, but also co-engineering support for best satellite overall performance and the integration into the satellite platform (typically at prime premise) and the joint testing of the communication subsystem. Antwerp Space has shown this capabilities recently in the JUICE and ExoMars program.

By extending its activities also the smallsat and cubesat market, Antwerp Space also offers customized highly integrated communication payloads, including satellite interlinks, to overcome the current drawbacks of such small satellites. A main point in Antwerp Spaces design is the securing of a highly stable communication and QoS, but also an in-orbit reconfigurable design (bandwidth, frequence, ModCode, data routing..) to be prepared for changes in customer base of the satellite operator

Payload Integrators

For payload integrators Antwerp Space is delivering standard communication or RFI equipment that can be integrated into the payloads designed by the payload integrator. Examples for such equipment are on-board modems for Intersatellite Links (ISL), two-way communications and processing platform for AIS and VDE, as well as LEO and deep space transceivers.

Different communication technologies, as SDR, integrated photonics circuits, customized RF designs were developed and qualified during the last years of cooperating with ESA in Science, GSTP and ARTES, as well as Horizon program.

This broad band width of technologies allows Antwerp Space to identify and realisation of the best fitting technology & budgetary solution for the customer, ranging from Class 1 EEE part solutions (typical ESA or governmental projects), Class 3 or defense class EEE Parts solutions (for highest QoS applications) until automotive/COTS EEE part solutions (for smallsat and cubesat market).

An example here is the overcome of the limitations of classical communication equipment in the higher frequency bands K-, Ka-, Q-,V- and beyond by combining the RF domain with integrated photonics, based on our novel PIC approaches.

Antwerp Space has strong experience for the integration of complete communication payload. References include the communication payload for ExoMars 2020 carrier and JUICE communication subsystem.
Satisfied customers include OHB, Airbus Defence and Space, TAS, MDA, etc

About Antwerp Space

Antwerp Space is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite communications. It is part of OHB SE, a European Space and Technology group that currently employs over 2400 people.

Antwerp Space’s core business is in the delivery of satellite communication solutions and products for scientific, exploration and telecommunication missions, as well as their ground segment extension with products and systems. Antwerp Space operates both on the commercial and institutional markets, supporting space agency programmes, as well as industrial company projects worldwide. The company activities have been located in Antwerp since 1962, when it was founded as part of Bell Telephone.

We employ over 70 highly skilled engineers and PhDs from all over the world!