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What motivates me in my job is leading a highly qualified team, designing high quality, innovative solutions as well as interacting with customers and subcontractors from all around the world, all driven by the same objective of a successful mission. Working in space projects adds an extra challenge to the job. Space is more stringent than any of the most harsh environments on Earth. During the design of the system, care needs to be taken to present the best solution in term of feasibility and functionality. As engineers, we have to think outside the box and always be a step ahead; you want to find a solution before an issue is raised.

Delphine Van Vynckt
Project Manager

Gerard Hermans
Product Assurance Manager

Antwerp Space had its roots from the Bell Telephone Mfg. Space Division, when I joined in '84. I started developing real-time software for the Meteosat groundstation equipment and the High Performance Demodulator for Giotto: the Halley comet chaser. In the early 90's the technical lead of the ground test equipment for the European Columbus Lab of the International Space Station 'ISS' became my responsibility. Discovering the 'magic' of atomic clocks when building the payload test system for one of the first Galileo satellites showed me the Relativity of Time. The journey continues today into 'deep space' with the ESA EXOMARS 2020 and the Jupiter JUICE mission projects. More than 35 years of, sometimes unexpected, multi-disciplined engineering challenges along the way, when are you going to join us?

I started at Antwerp Space in April 2017. As a technical lead, I was responsible for all technical aspects of a project. It is amazing how many engineering disciplines are involved when you do space flight projects. This makes our projects both challenging and interesting to work on. I worked on in-orbit communication systems as well as on ground support equipment. Currently I am leading the system engineering team. I enjoy the international environment we are working in, at the same time we are a relatively small company where everyone is always eager to help one another. Antwerp Space also offers a flexible working environment with a few nice perks, like free yoga classes and fresh fruit. Did I mention our cosy garden where we have lunch when the Belgian weather allows for it?

Jo Van Langendonck
Head of System Engineering