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What motivates me in my job is leading a highly qualified and motivated team, delivering innovative solutions for ambitious space projects, as well as interacting with customers and subcontractors from all around Europe. Working in space projects adds an extra challenge to the job. Space is more stringent than any of the most harsh environments on Earth. Also the Space aspect adds a strong motivational dimension: what we are making today will be used in space missions that are delivering meaningful scientific insights, and often our equipment will exist well beyond our lifetime while orbiting or landing on another planet in our solar system.

Mattias Genbrugge
Project Manager

Marc Van Gijsel
Mechanical Designer

After many years of designing various products in different companies I kicked off my career at Antwerp Space in October 2015 during the Revival of the Company's Space Program. I have always been fascinated by the Solar System, Human Space Exploration and our Place in the Universe. Therefore, I was very happy that I was given the opportunity to work on the Mechanical Design of some exiting new projects with mysterious names such as ARGO and LaRa. It came as no surprise to me that this Progressive Company is driven by a group of Excellent and Highly Cohesive Employees and I feel very privileged to have become part of them. One of my best experiences so far was actually assembling parts on a real Spacecraft Module called ExoMars which will be flying to Mars. I would recommend anyone with an interest in Space Technology to apply for a challenging job at Antwerp Space!

I started at Antwerp Space in April 2017. As a technical lead, I was responsible for all technical aspects of a project. It is amazing how many engineering disciplines are involved when you do space flight projects. This makes our projects both challenging and interesting to work on. I worked on in-orbit communication systems as well as on ground support equipment. Currently I am leading the system engineering team. I enjoy the international environment we are working in, at the same time we are a relatively small company where everyone is always eager to help one another. Antwerp Space also offers a flexible working environment with a few nice perks, like free yoga classes and fresh fruit. Did I mention our cosy garden where we have lunch when the Belgian weather allows for it?

Jo Van Langendonck
Head of System Engineering