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What motivates me in my job is to be part of a high performance team designing innovative solution of high quality as well as interacting with customers and subcontractors from all around the world. Moreover, there is also a part of challenge since as system engineers we need to cover the different technical aspects of the system, from RF discipline to mechanical, thermal to radiation and testing. Fortunately we are not alone and together with the different experts of the team we enable the realisation of the system, evolving from its concept to its realisation and production, leading to its operation after an extensive test campaign.

Working in space projects adds a more challenging part to the job. Space is close to most harsh environment on Earth. During the design of the system, care needs to be taken to present the best solution in term of feasibility and functionality. As system engineers, we have to think outside the box and work always a step further than the actual phase of the project ; you want to propose the solution before the question is raised. 

Delphine Van Vynckt
Technical Lead

Guerric De Crombrugghe
Project Manager

The daily-life at Antwerp Space is truly great. We are in constant interactions between the various projects, either in an organized way or simply during a coffee break. In a single day, you would be speaking about Jupiter, Mars, and the ISS. Once a month, a lunch-time talk is organised to dive deep in a particular activity of the company. Plus, there are also non-space related perks. Almost every day we get a fresh fruit delivery, and once in a while someone would bring cake to celebrate their birthday. Every Tuesday, we have a yoga class on site - perfect occasion to relax a little. And don't worry if you don't speak Dutch: classes are organised every now and then!

Come and join us!

I am working at Antwerp Space since April 2017. As a technical lead I am responsible for all technical aspects of a project. It is amazing how many engineering disciplines are involved when you do space flight projects, this makes our projects both challenging and interesting to work on. Currently I am working on an in-orbit communication system as well as on ground support equipment, used to test satellites before they are launched. I enjoy the international environment we are working in as well, at the same time we are a relatively small company where everyone is always eager to help one another. Antwerp Space also offers a flexible working environment with a few nice perks, like free yoga classes and fresh fruit. Did I mention our cosy garden where we have lunch when the Belgian weather allows for it?

Jo Van Langendonck
Technical Lead