Product Assurance Engineer

Job description

You will be the responsible for implementing Quality Control and providing Product Assurance for Space projects. You will be working closely with the Quality Manager, Project team members, suppliers and customer.

Task content:

  • Performing all quality control activities during Space hardware MAIT.

  • Performing incoming inspection on material types used in Flight hardware.

  • Generating quality records and maintaining full materials and process traceability.

  • Ensuring that quality requirements are fully specified and flowed down to suppliers.

  • Performing supplier quality assurance activity, performance monitoring and reviews.

  • Managing control of Non-Conforming material or product.

  • Managing compliance to Customer to requirements and associated deviations.

  • Chairing quality related reviews and meeting EQSR, MPCB, MRR, TRR, DRB etc.

  • Implementing EEE parts control and ensuring quality level requirements are met.

  • Chairing EEE parts control board meetings, internally and with Customers.

Job experience


  • We are looking for People with a technical background in electro-mechanical industry.

  • Good educative basis to further grow in product assurance disciplines.

  • Good English language skills.


  • Experience in the Space industry.

  • Knowledge of the European Space Agency ECSS-Q series of standards

  • Knowledge of the Dutch language.

Job competences

  • Positive, problem-solving approach.

  • Good customer relationship skills.

  • Assertive personality to accomplish you goals towards suppliers, team members and customers.

  • Ability to develop good knowledge in the different product assurance disciplines as required to manage the quality aspects in projects.

Job offer

Antwerp Space will be offering you an appealing salary package. The possibility to develop yourself and further grow your experience in the quality environment. Experience the working together with team member, suppliers and customers in the space sector all over Europe.

Hoboken, Antwerp Belgium

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