Satcom System & Modem Architect

Job description

  • He / She is designing modems and communication systems from information source to destination.

  • He / She is responsible for analysis / design / validating and implementation of wireless communications and earth observation systems on various platform (software or FPGA).

  • He / She applies his / her knowledge in digital modulations, waveforms, the propagation channel (Doppler effect, propagation effects, noise) and base-band processing in both transmitter and receiver.

  • He / She is responsible for the preparation of documentation (justification files, conceptual and detail design, performance analysis, …).

  • He / She becomes part of a space flight and ground modem development team.

  • He / She is able to understand and perform critical analysis of customer requirements.

Job experience

  • Master in Electronics Engineering or equivalent through experience.

  • Experience in the field of wireless communications is a real added value, or a high intrinsic motivation to become an expert in this field.

Job competences

  • Analytical mind, maintaining helicopter-view, being able to distinguish important from less important matters, accurate and result-driven.

  • Splendid mathematical skills in various fields: complex numbers, theory of probability, function analysis, algorithm construction and validation by theoretical analysis or simulation, Galois fields theory, error correcting codes, …

  • Master signal processing and digital communication techniques: spectral analysis, sampled system, filtering, regulation, stability analysis,). Programming languages C, C++, Python, Matlab® is a must.

  • Good understanding of wireless propagation issues: antenna gain, radiation pattern, sky and receiver temperature, multipath, …

  • Good understanding of the radio frequency (RF) equipment elements and RF phenomenon: DAC, spectral folding, mixers, analogue filters, amplitude slope, group delay, non-linearity, intermodulation products, distortion by high power amplifier, noise factor, noise temperature, impedance matching, …)

  • Experience with digital communication issues: (receiver mismatch, inter-symbol interference, signal to noise ratio,

Job offer

The principle job location is Antwerp (Hoboken) though short duration missions abroad are part of this challenging job environment.

We offer you an attractive salary, with all fringe benefits in a high-tech environment.

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