The European Space Agency (ESA) has successfully completed the end-to-end test thanks to Antwerp Space FOC TUR-P Galileo system tool. 

For the first time, end-to-end testing of the Galileo system showed signal acquisition of the Full Operational Capability version of the Public Regulated Service (PRS), the most secure and robust class of Galileo services. This test involved three centres across Europe: the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre in Spain, the Galileo Control Centre in Germany and ESTEC in the Netherlands hosting an actual Galileo satellite, which then broadcast the signal, to be picked up by a Galileo PRS Test user tool, developed by Antwerp Space under ESA contract for Galileo system testing activities.

The first version of the PRS signal has been broadcast by the satellites up to now, but in the next years the signals will evolve into an enhanced version known as Full Operational Capability Public Regulated Service (FOC PRS), which has been defined in close collaboration with the European Commission, The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and the EU member States.

The Antwerp Space FOC TUR-P Galileo system tool supports future Galileo PRS evolutions and allows deep analysis of the PRS signals, supporting features beyond those included in PRS operational user receivers. This state-of-the-art instrumentation tool addresses the needs of ESA for testing, monitoring and simulation of current and future PRS signals. Antwerp Space will deliver more test tools to ESA and Thales Alenia Space to support live signal testing.

The awarding of the FOC TUR-P contract is an important milestone for Antwerp Space. “We are honoured that Antwerp Space has achieved this milestone successfully. This allows ESA and the EU to guarantee the availability and the accuracy of Galileo PRS to public safety and security, critical infrastructures, and defence users. This project is at the heart of our ambition to become the leader in the development and delivery of high end PRS equipment.” said Koen Puimège, Antwerp Space Managing Director.