Antwerp Space offers a variety of standard products that can be customized to special needs of the customer if necessary.

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TT&C and PDT


Antwerp Space has developed a series of products meant to fly on-board space missions, both commercial and institutional. Leveraging on our broad expertise in space communication and the most advanced techniques, we deliver state-of-the-art equipment that answer our customers' needs. Our capabilities cover different markets, from the stringent requirements of human spaceflight to small satellite constellations, through specialized scientific payloads.

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Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation Technology

Radio Frequency Interference & SIGINT

Radio frequency interference detection and mitigation received increasing importance during the last years. Since ground uplink terminals became cheaper, faster and smaller, their numbers increased significantly.

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Galileo PRS Signal receiver


Antwerp Space can offer highly integrated PNT payloads for small satellites, as well as services in the Galileo Domain. Experienced and security cleared staff of Antwerp Space is available for such cooperation and new equipment developments, for public as well as PRS applications.

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Radio-Science instruments and missions

Our Lander Radioscience (LaRa) is the first scientific instrument made in Belgium to ever land on the surface of Mars.

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