phd job affair 2018

PHD Job Fair Universiteitshallen 2018

You can find Antwerp Space at the PhD Job Fair in the Universiteitshallen, Leuven.

switch to space

Switch to space

Organised by YouSpace, Switch to Space is a great opportunity to meet space professionals from different fields and learn more about the space sector and its career possibilities.


IAC 2018 – Involving Everyone

International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in 2018

spaceops 2018

SpaceOps 2018

CNES is hosting its 15th biennial conference on Space Operations

LaRa on their way to Mars

Belgium and LaRa on their way to Mars

The LaRa instrument comprises three antennas – as seen on the right side of the artist's impression – connected to a casing that houses the instrument’s electronics – on the left side. The two smaller antennas are used for sending radio signals from Mars to the Earth while the larger antenna’s function is to receive radio signals going in the opposite direction, from the Earth to Mars.

ila berlin 2018

ILA Berlin 2018

Antwerp Space will participate in the ILA trade fair April 25-29 at Berlin.

amelia visits 2018

Amelia visits Antwerp Space

Friday March 23rd, 16 students from the Women's Department 'Amelia' of the University of Technology in Delft visited Antwerp Space.


Where will you stargaze?

You can gaze at the moon and stars at more than 25 locations in Flanders.


the job fairs 2018

Meet us @ the job fairs of 2018.


Koen Puimège appointed as Managing Director to lead Antwerp Space N.V.

Koen Puimège has been working in the space industry for more than 22 years, holding positions in engineering, project management. Now, he has been appointed Managing Director of Antwerp Space N.V., effective January 1st 2018.