Antwerp Space participating in the Innovation Workshops Space4Earth

Product Development of the University of Antwerp

From Monday March 13 till Friday March 17, the Master of Product Development of the University of Antwerp organizes the INNOVATION WORKSHOPS for the graduating Masterstudents of the programs: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (University of Antwerp) and PRODUCT DESIGN (Luca School of arts – Genk)

Companies from various sectors face us with their future challenges.The teams of students take on the creative challenge of translating the themes to future product concepts.They creatively explore new features and formulate a new vision for the business or products of a company.

Also the exchange of views and ideas between the industrial partners leads to a cross-fertilization beyond normal thinking patterns.

The results of previous years were, in any way a success with a range of product ideas and business concepts for more than 50 companies on diverse themes.

This year Verhaert New Products & Services made a connection between Innovation Workshops and Flemish companies in the aerospace sector.

Verhaert is the Belgian partner for ESA’s (European Space Agency) Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) with the mission to help companies and entrepreneurs to innovate and create new products and business based on space technology. (

So “Space 4 Earth“ became the theme for Innovation Workshops 2017; how to create future concepts, applications or products starting from space know-how & technologies.

Many existing technologies and innovations have their origins in space. Examples include telecommunications, meteorology and navigation, which have taken a relevant place in our daily lives. With high-end technologies, knowledge and applications aerospace will remain a bottomless source of inspiration for innovation.

This event is fully supported by BlueSpace, the new consortium made up of Verhaert, imec and VITO to support entrepreneurs in their activities to innovate with space technologies.

innovating workshop 2017